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There are two regular weekly services:

Early Sunday Morning: 9:00 am. This service is very personal, contemplative and devotional. Sunday School begins upstairs in the 9am service with a message for the Children and then continues downstairs during the rest of the service. 

Sunday Morning: 11:00 am. 9 and 11am services follow the same format. 

For all services there is a fully functional nursery for young children,

All worship services are held in the sanctuary. Holy Communion is celebrated on the second, fourth and fifth Sundays of the month at both services on those days.



There are two additional monthly services:


Evening Prayer Services: 7:30 pm, with Holy Communion offered each month on the first Wednesday.


Morning Prayer Services: 8:00 am, with Holy Communion offered each month on the third Wednesday.


Mount Olive Lutheran Church
2015 4th Avenue North
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
S4R 0T5

Office Hours 9am-12pm, 1-4pm

Mon to Fri - Except Holidays


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Christmas Services:

Dec 24th Christmas Eve 5pm & 7 pm 

Dec 25th Christmas Day 10am, (Communion) 


Holy Week & Easter Sunday:

Maunday Thursday 7:30pm, (Communion)  

Good Friday 10am

Easter Sunday 7:30am & 10am, (Communion) 



Christian Education for Children and Families

Sunday School
Sunday school is held during the months of September through May on Sunday mornings from 9:15 am to 10:00 am.  Our Lord has blessed Mount Olive with dedicated superintendents, teachers, and helpers who give of their time, talents and gifts in maintaining an exciting educational program. A schedule of this year's Sunday School program is available here. 
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Confirmation of Baptism
Please contact our Church Office for information. 


Vacation Bible School 

Each year, usually in the month of August, children are treated to a busy week full of fun, music, crafts and lessons of God's love for us.  The success of the week comes together with many volunteers from the congregation who give their time and talents to ensure a happy Christian environment. Check the calendar on our homepage for current information.


For Youth/Young Adults
Weekly Bible Study

Thursday evenings there is a youth Bible Study lead by Pastor Ted; this runs 7pm to 8:30pm and follows the confirmation schedule. The format for this study is reading whole chapters consecutively from a Book of the Bible and discussing what was read between chapters. We also look at the Lutheran Confessions as found in the Book of Concord and incorporate other Lutheran resources like Lutheranism 101. Each evening we get together we try to look at a couple hymns from the Lutheran Service Book with an emphasis on the lyrical content and how this relates to Scripture and to our lives as Christians. 

Monthly Bible Study: Pop Culture and the Bible

Once a Month Youth/Young Adults get together with Pastor Ted to watch a movie and then discuss themes and plot points and references that related to Scripture and life as a Christian in the world we live in. This covers almost all genres of film and addresses a wide range of popular topics. One of the goals of this style of study is build up and sharpen a person’s skills at discernment and to be good consumers of popular culture, basically turning on your brain while you’re watching and applying your Christian worldview to what you're watching. See our Calendar for dates and times.

For Adults
Women's Bible Study 
Our women’s Bible study meets Monday, from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm in Mt. Olive's Fellowship Lounge. All women are invited and occasional attendance is welcomed. Please bring your Bible and a pen; a few copies of each study guide including printed Bible passages will be provided.
Bible Studies
Presently, we have several Adult Bible Studies at Mount Olive. Our first Bible Study, which runs from September through May each year, is held every Sunday during our first service starting at 9:15 am. This study is led by Mr. Cam Pelzer and is located in the library lounge. On Thursday mornings at 9:15am, Pastor Terry leds our Bible Brunch Bible study which is also located in the library louonge. This study runs from September through May each year.
Pastor's Class
Several times each year, Mount Olive Lutheran Church offers Pastor’s Classes. These classes, taught either by Pastor Terry or Pastor Ted, are made up of 6 lessons taught over an 6 week period. Those interested in church membership are invited to attend, as well as those who would like a "refresher course" in the basics of the faith. Check our main church calendar, found on our home page, for more information. 
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Grief Classes
Grief is no respecter of persons. Grief is necessary and normal. It is a highly personal response to losses that come our way, whenever we must deal with major life changes: loss of health, limb, employment, home, business, infertility, loss of relationships, be it separation, divorce or the loss of a loved one through death. Call the church office at 543-9744 for more information. 
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